Meet the Team

Meet our 2018-2019 Organizers for ESLP! They work tirelessly to create the Spring Lecture Series by booking speakers, training facilitators, and outreaching. The organizer spheres are


Academics (Aca)

Collaboration & Networking (Collab)


victoria tichy - collab co-chair

Tori is a 4th year Business Management Economics & Environmental Studies double major. She is an avid gardener and works at the UCSC Arboreutm & Botanical garden. She owns almost 30 plants and dabbles in making succulent displays and propagation. Tori is drawn to environmental and economic justice, particularly in government and business reform. She is also the President of UCSC’s Women in Business group. This marks her third quarter being involved with ESLP and she is proud to be managing digital marketing, social media, and our website.


diana roberts - heart co-chair

Diana is a 4th year Environmental Studies & Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major. Her lifelong passion is environmental protection and justice. This passion has led her to ESLP because of the focus on educating a future generation of environmental leaders. She loves hiking, traveling and making lots of bread. Diana hopes to influence work in environmental planning by implementing designs that encourage a more sustainable lifestyle . She is excited to be shaping the educational environment at UC Santa Cruz by collaborating with speakers from around the country for our spring class on important environmental work that is being done, and issues we need to address.


claire katzenson - aca co-chair

Claire began as a facilitator with ESLP her freshman year and is now the co-chair of Aca in her second year! Her majors are Environmental Studies & Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, with minors in Sustainability & Education. She’s drawn to the type of sustainability that is accessible for all people, and the combination of environmental/social justice always grounds her in why this movement is so crucial; because the stakes are so high.

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sydney repp - fiscal Organizer

Sydney is a 3rd year Sociology and Psychology major with a Sustainability minor. She finds sustainability interesting because of how relevant it is to everything. Right now she is more focused on the sustainability of our environment and also basic needs topics, specifically housing and food security. She works downtown at a Thai restaurant and also has a job making vegan cookies! She’s involved in a program that focuses on aiding the homeless population and providing shelter to those without homes on the coldest nights. She has been involved with ESLP since last Spring when she was an organizer and also took ESLP’s class. This year she manages the budget and applies for additional grants.


Athena salva - Collab & Personnel organizer

Athena is in her first year at UCSC and is double majoring in Psychology and Environmental Studies and is most interested in sustainability within forestry and soil health as well as Environmental Psychology. She will also be facilitating an Action Research Team Spring Quarter called Getting Down to Earth with your Diet about food insecurity and how to combat this through sustainable gardening. Outside of ESLP, she is involved in the College Scholars Program, is a research assistant with the Blum Center, and volunteers at the Recreation Department at OPERS


Peter disney - Heart organizer

Peter is in his first year at UCSC and just started organizing with ESLP. He is a Politics and Community Studies major and believes that we only have one planet so we need to take care of it. He became interested in sustainability and environmentalism because of its intersections with class and gender struggles. As an avid climber and trans man, his focus is drawn towards conservation and (gendered) labor struggles, but he believe all aspects of sustainability are important in order to keep the earth healthy. He is involved in Community Aid and Resources (CARe) and local Santa Cruz politics. And despite his last name, he is not related to Walt Disney.

Miranda Vasquez pic for bio.png

miranda VELASQUEZ - aca organizer

Miranda is a third year Critical Race and Ethnic Studies major and an Education minor here at UCSC. She’s most passionate about veganism, food systems, zero waste, the housing crisis, green purchasing, environmental justice, and access to basic needs. She took CRSN161 last spring, and she’s super excited to be a part of ESLP as an ACA organizer this year! Outside of ESLP she’s part of the Food Systems Working Group, a food justice organization on campus, as the Pantry Operations Coordinator for the Slug Support Pantry. Beyond that she loves spending time with her girlfriend and their two cats, Jelly and Bean.


morgan bundrant

Morgan is an Environmental Studies student who is minoring in Sustainability Studies. She’s in her first year at UCSC and this is her first quarter with ESLP! She’s mostly interested in veganism and environmental justice, and is also involved in the College Scholars Program and Cowell Coffee Shop. Fun fact, Morgan is also a twin!

Maria Corona - Maria Corona.jpg

maria corona - heart organizer

Corona is a senior Environmental Studies & Latin American Latino Studies combined w/ Sociology double major. She is from South Central Los Angeles. She is drawn to Social and Environmental Justice issues regarding PoC communities. She has been with ESLP since 2017 and is also involved with Ecology Action, specifically with the California Green Business Program, which gets small and medium businesses certified green by switching to more sustainable practices. Here she is working on a project to try to make these resources more widely known and available to businesses in disadvantaged communities. She loves to dance, eat delicious food, and relax when she gets free time.


nick wilson - heart organizer

My sustainability passions are environmental justice and green policy. My hobbies are playing music and hiking. I'm not involved with any other orgs. Fun facts, I'm a twin and a proud succulent dad.


amy cuevas - collab organizer

Amy is a 3rd year transfer student majoring in Sociology and has aspirations to become a 5th grade teacher. Transferring here from SoCal and being newly introduced to a community that is so passionate about our environment she knew she had to get involved. This is now her second quarter organizing with ESLP in the Collab space. Amy is a Hufflepuff and thrives off of coffee and bread.