FAQs About Being a Facilitator

Facilitator Applications for Spring 2019 have now closed. Please do apply in Fall 2019, or enroll in our Spring Lecture Series!

Questions about . . .


  • Is an ESLP class really like any other class?

    • Yes and no. Since ESLP is facilitated by undergraduate students, taking ESLP is a unique experience. Discussions, research-based projects and hands-on projects (with the approval of ESLP and any stakeholders) are encouraged.

    • On the other hand, ESLP classes are taken for credit, just like any other class. We also hold our classes to the same academic rigor that a normal class would have. Substantial research is required during Winter Training Seminar in order to prepare material for classes in Spring.


  • What support does ESLP offer while I design and facilitate my Action Research Team?

    • ESLP organizers, our faculty sponsor, and our SOAR staff adviser assist you throughout the entire process of designing and facilitating an Action Research Team. We are a dedicated group who is passionate about enabling your success as a facilitator. During Winter Training Seminar we will help you develop your Group Project Plan and facilitation skills. ESLP organizers handle outreach and the enrollment process for spring. We are here to help.


  • May I pair up with another facilitator (co-facilitate)?

    • Yes, you may co-facilitate an Action Research Team. However, both facilitators are expected to complete the full course load during Winter Training Seminar, and assume equal responsibility for their spring class.


  • Will my Action Research Team be offered for 5-units or 2-units?

    • Either. You have the option of facilitating either a 5-unit or 2-unit Action Research Team for students to take. You must decide which amount of units your ART will be offered for (2-unit and 5-unit students will not be enrolled in the same Action Research Team). 5-unit ARTs meet twice a week, while 2-unit ARTs meet once a week during Spring quarter.


  • Are my students required to attend the the Monday Night Lecture Series during Spring Quarter? Am I required to attend the lectures as well?

    • All students enrolled in CRSN 61 or 161 are required to attend our Monday Night Lecture Series, in conjunction with the Action Research Team they are taking. Facilitators are also required to attend the lecture series. It's important that facilitators attend the lecture in order to take attendance of students and help facilitate discussions in lecture. It is a goal to connect content from the speaker series with discussions occurring within your Action Research Team.


Units and Receiving Credits

  • How many units do I receive as a facilitator?

    • You will receive 5-units for completing Winter Training Seminar in winter quarter, and 5-units for facilitating your Action Research Team in Spring Quarter; so 10 units total.


  • To facilitate an Action Research Team in the spring, must I attend and complete the 5-unit Winter Training Seminar during winter quarter?

    • Yes, all facilitators must pass the Winter Training Seminar with a B or higher in order to facilitate in the spring. There are a number of other requirements for prospective facilitators to satisfy, including a disciplinary and academic background check (minimum GPA 2.5), and FERPA and Title IX trainings. Contact eslp@ucsc.edu for more information.


  • Can I take Winter Training Seminar Pass/No Pass?

    • No, Winter Training Seminar must be taken for a letter grade.


  • If I facilitate a 2-unit class in the spring, will I also receive 2-units of credit?

    • All facilitators receive 5-units of credit, regardless of how many units their Action Research Team is offered for.