Organizers and Co-Chairs at Winter retreat 2019

Organizers and Co-Chairs at Winter retreat 2019

Currently looking for Heart, Collaboration and Networking and Personal applicants!!!

Become an organizer!

A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into creating a large-scale student-facilitated class. ESLP is comprised of 8-10 Organizers who work to make the classes happen every year.  Organizers work within three separate “spheres”:  CollabNet Sphere, Heart Sphere and Academic Sphere.  CollabNet Sphere handles outreach for ESLP.  Heart Sphere coordinates the Monday Night Lecture Series.  Academic Sphere works with facilitators during the Winter Training Seminar and spring quarter. Organizer positions are preferably year-long commitments. Organizers may receive 2-units or 5-units in internship credit. Organizers who successfully complete both a 2-unit and 5-unit internships with ESLP are eligible to receive stipends subsequent quarters. 

We are currently looking for ESLP organizers to! Please email us at for more information on this opportunity!

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