Action Research Teams (ARTs)

This Spring quarter, undergraduate students at UCSC can facilitate their own Action Research Team on a sustainability topic they are passionate about.

For a list of topics, refer to the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus.

To facilitate your own ART, you first must apply during Fall quarter. All facilitators are required to enroll in the 5-unit Winter Training Seminar, where they will learn facilitation skills, project management techniques and develop a Group Project Plan. The Action Research Teams can be co-facilitated, are either 2 or 5 units, and often comprised of small groups of 10-15 students each. Enrolled students will engage in discussion, research and projects throughout the quarter. Both students and facilitators in the ART must attend the Speaker Series for the possibility to receive full credit in either CRSN 61 or CRSN 161.  Facilitators will receive an additional 5-units of credit for facilitating their Action Research Team and attending the Speaker Series in Spring.  At the end of the Spring Class, each ART showcases the work they accomplished and celebrate goals they achieved. 

The Facilitator Application Deadline is November 9th, 2017


Want to learn more? 

Check out our Facilitator FAQ page or or check out an example of a past application from co-facilitators